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Ivan Nanney, from Boise, Idaho, has learned a thing or two since winning a ‘dream job’ with In March, he became the company’s Cancun Experience Officer (CEO), earning $10,000 a month for six months, exploring one of the most visited and beautiful vacation destinations for travelers in North America.

The CEO position came from Best Day Travel Group and TravelPass Group, who together operate, a one-stop shop for those looking to vacation in Cancun and the surrounding areas of the Riviera Maya.

What was it like having the most enviable job on the planet? “Crazy,” Nanney said. “I’m often walking around trying to capture everything with 10 storylines in my head, talking to my camera while trying to be funny. I’ve loved every minute of this.”

Nanney said he’s also learned the some “unexpected lessons” during his dream CEO job that he would recommend to others experiencing new locations:

— Value good, reliable wi-fi

— Talk to locals and ask for their recommendations

— Plan downtime to relax and soak in the moment

— Be flexible and pack light. Instead of booking one destination, split it up to explore somewhere new. Be open to the possibilities.

— Get wet. Some of the best experiences, like swimming with 40,000 lb whale sharks in Cancun, are in the water!

“Ivan has been a wonderful ambassador sharing the wonders of Cancun with the rest of world,” said Lizzie Cole, director of Promotion for the Quintana Roo Tourism Board. “From adventure travelers to those looking for complete relaxation, Cancun is so much more beyond its incredible water and beautiful beaches.”

“Cancun provided Ivan incredible experiences–too many to count,” said Chad Meyerson, general manager of “It’s a dream destination when creating video and looking for unique experiences. Ivan was able to cover so much of the variety and richness the entire area have to offer.”

Nanney’s highlights included a solo road trip down the Grand Costa Maya to less visited areas, sampling ice cream from a family that has been making it for more than 60 years, kayaking to see hundreds of flamingos and bioluminescent plankton, exploring caves with native Mayans, and enjoying Hotel Xcaret, one of the newest and most incredible properties in the entire country.

“My heart is full to the brim with gratitude from the hospitality I have received down here,” Nanney said. “I’ve also been extremely fortunate to share this experience with friends and family who have visited from back home.”

To check out Nanney’s journey as CEO of, follow’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For more information on traveling to Cancun, visit

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Best Day Travel Group is the leading online travel agency in Mexico, and one of the leading Latin American travel industry companies with a strong focus in business-to-business distribution. Best Day Travel understands vacation travel trends and customer requests for the most popular Latin American destinations and offers the best hotel inventory content in the region. The Cancun-based company is a vertically integrated business model with an innovative technology infrastructure that leverages the expertise of six subsidiaries. These include, an online travel agency; BD TRAVEL Solution, a white label technology for partners; HotelDO, services for traditional travel agencies and wholesalers; BD Travel, a leading destination management company in Mexico and Punta Cana; Voiash, a travel brand focused on youth and millennials; and Gran Plan, a strategic alliance with Aeromexico working with more than 120 travel agencies in Mexico.

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