A desk for every child

We’re working to inspire a love of learning

Join us in helping children around the world. Our First Desk foundation started with two small schools and 100 children in the small fishing village of El Rosario, Guatemala.
Thanks to generous donations from 
our partners and fellow travelers, 
we’re able to provide school desks for 
children who need them most. 
Our Reservation Desk team is also 
contributing a portion of every hotel 
reservations to expand our giving.
We've seen how a child's "first desk" can inspire a love of 
learning and put a child on a path for success for the rest of 
his or her life. We believe to give is to live.
This is just the beginning. In many parts of the world, schools need clean water, bathrooms, books, new roofs, doors, and windows. We have resources in place to handle logistics at even the largest scale, so please join us!

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